Anne Arundel Community College

As the marijuana business becomes legal, colleges offering courses in the industry are following.

The latest addition to this type of marijuana college education is Anne Arundel Community College in Arnold, Maryland. The college made a decision to offer a marijuana business class and interviewed the professor teaching the course. Shad Ewart stated that he felt “like we were doing a disservice to our students by not having a class like this.”

Students currently attending Ewart’s class called “Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Emerging Markets: Marijuana Legalization,” will be educated on dealing with the finer points of sales and helping states to legalize marijuana.The marijuana business course offers information on the history of marijuana, tax and economic impact of legalization, and the regulatory issues surrounding marijuana.

BPA 282 – Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Expanding Markets: Marijuana Legalization

3 credit hours – Three hours weekly; one term.
Examine the entrepreneurial opportunities that are created as markets change and expand; specifically, the issues involving marijuana, currently legal for medical and/or recreational use in a number of states and the District of Columbia.  Explore business through the lens of the emerging marijuana industry as well as the businesses that arise as a result of it.  Examine the economic and tax impact, the legal and regulatory environment and financing challenges for medical and recreational based businesses using the newly emerging market as a starting point for inquiry.

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